Rethinking the Cold War: Distinguished Visiting Speaker series

This exciting new initiative is a collaboration between the Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS and the Cold War Cultures network at the University of Sheffield, two of the most important centres for the study of the Cold War in the UK.

This lecture series will bring leading academics to present their latest research on the Cold War at both universities.

Drawing on a range of approaches, including political, social, cultural, and social aspects of the Cold War, this initiative aims to deepen our understanding of the Cold War and to foster fruitful academic collaboration both within the UK and internationally.


21 February 2019

Monica Kim, ‘The Korean War and East Asia through the Prism of the Interrogation Room’

18 March 2019

Susan Carruthers, ‘Victors, Vanquished, and Victims: US Occupation Soldiers in Postwar Europe and Asia’


5 March 2018

Sarah Snyder, From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy

23 April 2018

Jason Parker, Mad Men in the Tropics: The USIA and the Accidental Birth of the ‘Third World’


24 April 2017

“What Will the Trump Presidency Mean for Asia?” Arne Westad, S.T. Lee Professor of U.S.-Asia Relations at Harvard University

27 March 2017

“Cold War Cures: Psychiatry as Alliance Politics in Sixties Britain and the United States” Alexander Dunst, U of Paderborn, Germany

13 March 2017

Circumventing the Cold War. The parallel diplomacy of economic and cultural exchanges between Western Europe and Socialist China in the 1950s, Angela Romano (EUI) and Valeria Zanier (LSE)

27 February 2017

“The World Reimagined: Americans and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century,” Mark Bradley, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Professor of International History at the University of Chicago.


16 May 2016

“Nuclear Families: Radioactive Risk After 1989,” Dan Grausam, Lecturer in English Studies, Durham University

2 May 2016

“The place of Europe in the Late-Cold War Rise of Globalization,” Federico Romero, Professor of History of Post-War European Cooperation and Integration, European University Institute, Florence.

14 March 2016

“Operational Screens 1700/2000: Projection, Possession, War,” Pasi Väliaho, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, Goldsmiths University of London

29 February 2016

“Rebooting the Cold War: Western Triumphalism and the Foreign Policy of Popular Culture,” Penny Von Eschen, L. Sanford and Jo Mills Reis Professor of Humanities, Cornell University