Cold War Cities

The Cold War coincided with, and generated, the transformation of cities across the globe. As cities became sites of protest, international encounters, and cold war cultural production, these developments were in turn shaped by the specific histories and spatial and cultural landscapes of the cities themselves.

This workshop, organised by Cultures of the Cold War network and the Centre for the History of the City, brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars from across the UK and beyond to explore the intersection of urban life and international Cold War history, and to probe the question of how cities created, reflected, and challenged cold war culture.

Event programme (PDF, 114KB)

Participant biographies (PDF, 129KB)


27 - 28 May 2016, 12.30pm - 1.00pm


The Diamond: Workroom 1

32 Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD
United Kingdom