Edoardo Andreoni

Edoardo Andreoni

Edoardo Andreoni is a doctoral candidate in History at the University of Cambridge. His research project examines the impact of Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) on transatlantic relations during the 1980s.

The project is based on recently declassified material from multiple European and US archives. It aims to provide, through the lens of the SDI controversy, a new reading of the character and trends of transatlantic relations during the final and transformative decade of the Cold War.

Edoardo has previously studied at the University of Bologna, where he obtained an MA in International Relations with a thesis on a neoconservative criticism of Reagan’s Soviet policy. His broader research involves modern British history and American history, specifically Britain’s relationship with Europe and the United States after 1945.

His research project is supervised by Professor David Reynolds and is currently funded by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation (Turin, Italy) as well as the School of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.


  • Modern British history

  • American history

  • US foreign policy after 1945, specifically Strategic Defence Initiative